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I am a Canadian consumer looking to make some purchases through the Nordstromrack webpage. Something was not processing properly in my online purchases, particularly at the step one completes to "add new payment method" to their account, my efforts were for some reason stuck and not proceeding after I clicked on the "Save Billing Info" button, without any error messaged display or prompts.

As I have already picked out near 300 CAD worth of stuff I needed, I was committed to figuring out what was wrong so I could wear my cute new work dresses. After checking over every credit card number and the billing information, for the 3rd time, and calling my banking provider, confirming there was no reason to fail in making an online purchase, I sought help from the chat, patiently explaining all the steps I have taken to reach the state I was in, I was ultimately told to just try again at another time, with no explanation as to why this might be happening or suggestions that could overcome the problem. I decided I would try the phoneline, as I already have come thus far, perhaps I would be able to reach someone with more insight into the online shopping, credit card processing. Low and behold the situation only got stranger when I called the customer service line.

I was immediately told it would have to be processed with a USA issued credit card... a little dumbstruck, I inquired as to why, as there are options of "Canada" as the billing address. But I was told again that would be impossible. When I inquired how I, as a holder of a Canadian issued credit card, could make purchases on the "nordstromrack" site, she told me flat out it would be impossible.

I found this baffling, as it was listed Visa and Mastercard were acceptable payments. So I gave them an email, more so out of curiosity and to provide them with feedback, just in case their system was problematic and Canadian issued cards were not accepted properly or parts of their service teams were misinformed. I later received an email confirming they do accept Canadian issued Visa and Mastercards. I was unable to reply to ask how to best proceed as it seems my email was blocked...

even though the email to me finished with a invitation "Thank you for your time. Please let me know if there is anything else I may assist you with..." The experience was tiresome and fruitless.

I would love to see an improvement to their online customer support. All in all I found it really surprising, as I was someone with more then the sufficient funds, throwing money at the company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nordstrom Rack Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Filters to screen through the huge range of products, Discounts.

I didn't like: Unknowledgable customer service.

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